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In our industry, knowledge is everything and relationships matter.

Through decades in the industry, we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge and meaningful relationships with retailers and distributors alike. We specialize in getting startups and established brands to market.

Food Brokerage

Getting products to market requires attention to multiple critical aspects of the process. Our experience equips us to handle each aspect intelligently and in a timely way.


Our network of national brokers enables us to manage your product launch with retailers and convenience stores across the country.


We run the distribution gauntlet for you, handling all activities related to getting your product where it needs to go.


We analyze the market to isolate important facts that help us craft a winnable plan for your product launch.

Strategy & Consulting

Our team works closely with you and your team to build a strategy that best fits your product and your goals. We always seek to leverage and maximize your marketing dollars. Our ongoing consultation ensures that the marketing programs we help you implement will result in real and incremental sales and profits.

Brand Management

Brand management encompasses tangibles such as product appearance, packaging, and price-setting as well as intangibles such as analysis of brand perception in the marketplace and developing relationships with the target market. Our experience with product launching in the food industry equips us to manage your brand confidently and with assurance of success.

“At Optima, we bring buyers and sellers together for their mutual benefit through relentless effort and by leveraging industry relationships.”

The Value We Provide

Unmatched Knowledge

Our team’s combined years in the food brokerage industry plus education we have received in the field equips us to navigate the intricacies of product-launch campaigns and carry them through to successful completion.

Decades of Experience

Thirty years in retail and distribution went into the creation of Optima, now in its second decade. Our background and depth of experience allows us to serve our clients thoroughly, confidently and intelligently.

Industry Relationships

Throughout our years in the retail, distribution, and food product launch industries, we have established a network of meaningful relationships. These relationships provide the underpinnings for effective, on-going product-launch campaigns.

We have experience with all consumer packaged group products sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, health food stores, mass merchandisers, discounters, dollar stores, and specialty shops.

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